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These two incredible women are so close and their love and respect for each other was so sweet. I could really tell that they appreciate each other. Love momma/daughter sessions!!!

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Brittni & Garret's gorgeous Lionrock wedding

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Sarah - Empowerment Session

"The entire experience was fantastic! First we did some life-coaching in which she really helped me find strategies for working with a difficult situation (the changes that have taken place since are incredible!) I have also been able to apply the strategies to other things that have been blocking my happiness. We then did a boudoir shoot that was fun and remarkable relaxed. The resulting photos were incredible! I love them and I have never liked pictures of myself. My husband could only say, "Oh my God, you are so beautiful!" It was a wonderful anniversary gift and a great boost to my ego since I just turned 50. If anyone is contemplating this, you have to do it! The entire package will really change your life for the better!" -Sarah B

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Freedom 5A0A01375A0A0137

"As for you girls, you must risk everything for Freedom, and give everything for Passion, loving everything that your hearts and your bodies love. The only thing higher for a girl and more sacred for a young woman than her freedom and her passion should be her desire to make her life into poetry, surrendering everything she has to create a life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in her imagination."  - Roman Payne

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